Stephen Moyer Talks True Blood

Bill stood front and center in “True Blood’s” big season ending cliffhanger as he was kidnapped immediately after proposing to a pause-prone Sookie. And even though we learn the identity of his vamp-napper in the first episode, their true intentions will remain shrouded in mystery for much of the third season.

But one thing we know for sure is that Bill is going on a character altering journey this year, that will see him struggling to find his way out of the darkness. An off choice given his aversion to sunlight, but I think you get the metaphor.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the very un-Bill-like Stephen (for starters, he smiles) about big season three changes, the lengths Bill will go to for Sookie and how that could actually be detrimental to his beloved.

PopWrap: How exciting was it for your show, which started with 1.4 million viewers to wrap up season two with over five million a week?
Stephen Moyer: It’s extraordinary. But without being disingenuous, we all thought it had the potential to do so well. I think there was also only one episode in the first season that didn’t go up. So they’ve all kind of done that and done that and done that. I think it helped that every episode last year was bigger than the last.

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