Favourite True Blood Quotes Episode 3.01 ‘Bad Blood’

As all you fans know, our favorite show True Blood has an amazing staff of writers, including Alan Ball himself. Their storylines and original, sassy, and outrageous dialogues never cease to amaze or amuse us.
Guest writer for The Vault Mary Jo (aka Skimom2) will make a weekly list of the best quotes of each episode. This is her list for Episode 3.01 “Bad Blood”. What is your favorite quote?

Hostess at French Restaurant to Sookie- ” Fucking vampires, its always nothing but shit!” ( English translation)
Bill’s kidnapper to Bill- “How ’bout you just call us the Fuck you crew!”
Tara to Arlene- “Trash is what trash does!”
Andy to Jason- ” Conscience off, dick on!’
Sookie to Pam- “I’m in no mood for lesbian weirdness.”
Eric to Yvetta (tied up with ropes mind you)- “Don’t go anywhere.”
Bill to Sam – “I hear the water in Arkansas is very hard.”
Jason to Hoyt- “If you and me are going to be room mates, pussy overflow is somethin’ you ‘ll have to deal with!”
Pam to Lafayette- ” You pickin up what I’m puttin’ down.”
Bill to the Weres- ” I should warn you, I’ve fed!”

Love this!! 🙂



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