Don’t forget To Vote/Donate True Bloods ‘Battle Of The Fang’

Since True Blood has decided to amp up season 3, we’ve decided to amp up the Team Eric vs. Team Bill rivalry. Instead of wasting your breath in a heated, “My vamp is better than your vamp”, debate, put your money where your mouth is honey.

Join us as we battle! It’s the Viking Lovers against Bill’s Wick’d Women, in a Looziana Grudge Match charity throw down! We have some items coming up for the fund raiser that you’ll love but that’s not the best part…

Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård have both agreed to wear a T-shirt designed by the winning actor and their team – and be photographed wearing it!

Therefore, if you don’t want to see your beloved Eric Northman (Alexander) walking around in a Moyer’s Muffin T-shirt then join in the fun! Let’s put Steve in a Mrs. Skarsgård T-shirt!

Check out Alexander’s and Stephen charity’s and donate/vote here like NOW!!! 🙂 Thanks!!!


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