Get To Know True Bloods Newbies (New Stills)

In order to pay off a debt incurred by his father to Eric, werewolf Alcide agrees to chaperone Sookie into the secret society of his furry friends. ”There’s definite bonding that goes on,” says Manganiello. ”What sort of bonding, I won’t say specifically.”

This vampire detective comes to Bon Temps with a mysterious agenda and ends up hooking up with Tara. It’s a relationship that could ultimately prove dangerous. ”He comes in and saves the day for me, so to speak,” says Wesley. ”Then it goes haywire!”

Sam reunites with his biological family, which includes a shape-shifting younger brother he never knew existed. It turns out Tommy and his folks aren’t exactly the model family. Says Ball, ”I wouldn’t characterize them as villains, but they’re desperate people.”

Pelt is an appropriate surname for Alcide’s psycho ex-girlfriend, since she’s also a werewolf. And, according to Alan Ball, a monster in some other ways as well. ”She is a hot mess,” says Ball. ”He’s still in love with her to a degree, but he also really regrets that he ever got hooked up with her.”

This male nurse not only takes care of Lafayette’s mother, played by Alfre Woodard, but also enters into a relationship with the Merlotte’s fry cook (Nelsan Ellis). Jesus has some secrets, too. ”There is absolutely more to him than meets the eye, and that’s all I can say,” says Ellis. ”I will say there is something supernatural about Jesus, and how dark it is has yet to be seen.”

Jason (Ryan Kwanten) initially only sees this woman from a distance, but she will end up changing his life. Kwanten says Crystal is ”very ethereal, mysterious, standoffish, and very much unlike any person, let alone woman, that Jason has ever met before.”

The King of Mississippi plots to achieve ultimate power by marrying the Queen of Louisiana, Sophie Anne (Evan Rachel Wood). Says O’Hare: ”His goal is to unite the vampire and supernatural worlds and bring them together and let them dominate, because he believes the human race isn’t worthy.”

Married to the King for more than 700 years, Russell’s better half has a taste not only for blood but also for interior decorating and keeping the castle fabulous. ”Talbot is very much in love,” says Alexander. ”He stands by his man, but he’s also Greek. He’s very flirtatious with everyone.”


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