True Blood Newbie Tommy Mickens Talks Family

Tommy Mickens played by Marshall Allman is one of the new cast members on this season of True Blood. He plays the estranged and aggressive shape-shifting brother of Sam Merlotte. It looks like we’re going to learn more about Sam’s past and Tommy is going to help us learn about it in the interview below:
“He’s a kid who basically has never known love, family or anything — he really only knows how to survive,” Marshall told Hollywood Crush of his character in an exclusive interview. “He’s a fighter. He knows what he wants in life and he goes after it. There’s nothing to stop him from acting on any of his impulses.”
Viewers first met Tommy during the “True Blood” season premiere last Sunday, though the character didn’t admit his relationship to Sam in that episode. This week, we’ll see a lot more of Tommy’s connection to Sam, including a first glimpse at his deadbeat family.
“He definitely has a very codependent relationship with his family,” said Marshall. “He loves them, but he feels like they can’t survive without him, so he feels stuck. It fuels a lot of his aggression. From an outside perspective, he wants love but he doesn’t know how to get it. When he gets frustrated, he just likes to cause conflict for everybody else. He’s very alpha male, very spontaneous and very exciting.”
Marshall said that whenever Tommy meets a new person in his life, he goes through one of three initial thoughts: “Can I impress you, can I sleep with you or can I beat the crap out of you? Then the last thing he would think is, can I trust you? That’s the thing he wants the most.”

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