True Bloods Allan Hyde Talks Season 3

Interview with
Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?
A) I am doing the new season of “True Blood.” I have a little bit there in some flashbacks. I’ve been going out for stuff, too and finding the right pilot for the next project. I’ve also been playing around with my own projects, writing a little bit and editing a short I did in August that we just finished up and posted on YouTube. Then, I’m going back to Denmark in a few months to do four episodes of a Danish TV show. I just finished a music video with a Norwegian artist and we’re trying to get as many views as possible on the Internet.
Q) What is new this season on “True Blood” and can you tell us a bit about your flashback scenes of Godric?
A) Everything is as intense and exciting as they were last season. I am sure the fans will be excited with what is happening. The characters they really like are getting attention and you see a lot of them blossom. You get to know them better and better and their secrets more. I can’t say anything specific about the flashbacks of Godric. For myself, Godric is a great way of seeing what it is like during the different stages of the vampire life. In the second season, we see him at 1,000 years old when he lived in the wilderness and turned Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). We also saw the contemporary Godric and two polar opposites of the character. We saw him very beastlike and very humanlike.
Q) What made you want to be a part of the show?
A) I came from Denmark and I got the show when I was in Denmark. I didn’t even know what the show was, but it was a huge step and a huge adventure. It was right after I finished high school and in Denmark you take a year or two between high school and university. So, I was ready to do anything and this was a great opportunity for me to do something that I would never have thought of doing. I just embraced that and accepted the part. I knew that it was a part on “True Blood” and I did all my homework on the show.

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