New HBO Interview With True Bloods Allan Hyde

The folks at HBO recognized the love we all have for Eric’s maker, and asked the actor, Allan Hyde, to answer a few questions concerning True Blood and Godric’s history.
HBO immediately points out what a huge hit Godric was as a character and asked if Hyde had any idea why. Hyde says he was not expecting such a reaction.
“…I think people were looking for some humanity in the vampire crowd. Even though Bill loves Sookie and everything, they were looking for someone who showed more compassion and humanity, and Godric did that.”
Hyde also points out that Godric was built up from the beginning of season 2 as such an important influence in Eric’s life, it was probably surprising to the audience that Godric was just a kid.
And all that love for Godric carried over to the actor himself, who was now being recognized.
“I didn’t know what to do with myself. I’m from Denmark, and we don’t have that fan culture at all.”
But playing such an old character, no matter how well-liked, is no easy feat.
“You can never really do enough research to learn what a 2,000-year-old vampire would know because that’s impossible. But you can at least try to imitate it and believe in yourself.”

Hyde says he approached Godric’s attitude as an elderly person – calm and cool and leading by example. Considering Godric’s been around for, oh, everything, HBO asked Hyde what exactly Godric has done.
“He’s done it all. He’s been in every war, on every side. Good, bad… everything. I personally imagine that he started off being treated really badly by humans, that he was probably a slave at one point before he was turned.”
Hyde suggests that resentment caused Godric to turn on the human race once he became vampire and it wasn’t until later that Godric realized all that killing was for nothing.
In the most recent episode of True Blood, we saw Godric and Eric in Nazi SS uniforms, but as we’ve learned, don’t always believe what you see.
“They’re disguised as Nazis so they can walk around without being asked questions, but they’re not trying to be part of the war – they have their own personal reasons for being there.”
The unfortunate thing is that Godric is, well, dead. Not just “vampire dead,” like burned to a crisp dead. This makes Godric appearances on the show a little tricky, though not impossible. Hyde’s not worried.
“Godric is so much apart of Eric that he’ll be continually reminded of stuff that Godric has been a part of in the past. So I think he’ll be in Eric’s head a lot, but I don’t know if it will be important enough to appear in flashbacks. But there’s hope for sure – vampires have a lot of past to cover.”
Since they seem to have a penchant for flashbacks, hopefully we’ll see more of Godric through Eric’s vivid memory.
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