We Love Twilight, True Blood And The Vampire Diaries And Dont Care!

As you guys know Immortal Dreaming is a site for The Twilight Saga and Sookie Stackhouse Books as well as the films, the HBO TV Series True Blood  as well as their casts . But I wanted to voice my opion on this argument especially when it comes to Twilight Vs True Blood Vs The Vampire Diaries. Lets set the record straight, I love all their representation’s of the vampire.

Yes they are very different in most ways but have a lot of common elements, Twilight has Vegetarian vampires as does The Vampire Diaries even if they do sparkly, True Blood has vampires which drink from humans as do all of them, fangs or not, each have vampires which want to be more human eg  Bill, Edward and Stefan.  Both Twilight and True blood have werewolves whether real or computerized and the main common ground is they all have love trainges…. Eric/Sookie/Bill, Edward/Bella/Jacob, Stefan/Elena/Damon. All these elements appear in both the books and films/TV Series.

For all the haters saying ‘Vampires dont sparkly’, the question is ‘Do real vampires drink fake blood?’ ‘Do fairy’s or Werewolves exist???’  If you want  to be picky read Bram stokers Dracula, thats the real definition of a vampire. The vampire over the years has had many different interpretation’s, from Interview With The Vampire, Lost Boys, Moonlight, Being Human, Let The Right One In…. the list goes on! and I love them all!

I hate being bullied into a corner and I know you all do, so to all the haters! stop making people feel bad for what they like!! and let us just enjoy them!

Big Thanks guys and thanks for your contiued support and just enjoy them all, I do!

Hazel x


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. michker
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 16:54:52

    Yeah i so agree with you Hazel i celebrate all the different takes on the Vampire and were culture out there i don’ care if he sparkled it is awesome that Stephanie came up with the idea of why he does not walk in the sunlight, and it is believable so there just enjoy there are all different vamps and fake blood is nastier than animal blood i don’t know but i think so.


    • Immortal Dreamer
      Jun 29, 2010 @ 17:07:05

      Thanks Michker! 🙂 I had to write something, I got totally fed up with some sites saying you cant like VD or Twilight if you like True Blood, silly people, we love them all and the site and you guys prove it!xx 🙂


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