The Twilight Saga Eclipse Fan Reviews

OK Guys, Eclipse was released last night, what did you think??? I have to wait until Saturday to see but whatever day your going, post your thoughts under comments. Below is one great fan review, check it out but warning SPOILERS. 🙂

Last night (June 14th) in LA, some fansites and their guests got a private screening of Eclipse. I was able to go and thought it was the best movie of all 3 so far. No cheesy lines, lots of kisses, hottest Edward, and some very touchy family moments in Eclipse. It moves so fast that there is never a time for your mind to drift off. I felt emotionally connected with Eclipse unlike I did with New Moon. I laughed, got teary, got upset, and worried. This why this movie gets 5 stars from me.
Right from the start Eclipse grabs you. No rolling over tree with music just straight into rain and action. We were all stunned silent. Very powerful beginning that we got to watch twice. (Jimmy Kimmel invaded our screening! Airing June 23rd)

For the first time ever in the twi-saga movies the meadow looks real. It does not look like someone planted fake flowers on someone’s front lawn. Best meadow ever.

The “canoodling” and Edward/Bella chemistry in the meadow will take your breath away. We were all sighing over the lovey doveyness for the first meadow scene. 2 thumbs up.

Charlie and Bella have a couple conversations in Eclipse. Both great but the virginity talk was epic!!! We were all rolling in laughter. Very memorable and sweet.

As we have all seen in the clip Bella rides off with Jacob on a motocycle which has been a large topic of conversation with twifans. “Bella would never do that!” That is the general consensus. We decided to bring this question up on our Stephenie Meyer visit. We will get answers!

The Jasper and Rosalie flashbacks were amazing. If I could change anything; I would make them longer cause they were so cool. One word for Rosalie-Bridezilla!

Tent scene was long….very long. It exceeded my expectations! No words really for how awesome it was.

WOLVES ARE THE RIGHT SIZE! In New Moon they were too small. This time they are huge and a lot more realistic. I am not a wolf fan but there is some Bella and Jacob (in his wolf form) interaction that felt so real.

For Jacob fans-the first kiss was short but the 2nd kiss was VERY long. Edward fans will hate it LOL!

Best scene *drum roll* proposal and leg hitch. I know all of you are going to ask “how hot was it?” Umm it’s hard to describe how hot it was cause it was soooooo hot I almost passed out. 100x better than any leaked pictures that we have seen and we thought those were hot.

Kristen Stewart’s performance was clear and confident. Not stuttering or blinking problems this go round. A+ book Bella this time.

Taylor Lautner’s acting blew me away. He went from convincing angry to sad and apologetic in a matter of moments with tears welling up for Bella at one point and my jaw dropped.

Robert Pattinson’s makeup is flawless this go round. He does not look girlie with the lipstick! Best Edward Cullen performance so far from all the saga movies. I really felt that Edward was fighting for the love of his life’s life against Victoria.

Best growl-Emmett Cullen against Paul. Just you wait!

My only negative critiques:

1. Alice never kidnaps Bella. But it still flows nicely. More telling you for informational purposes than complaining.
2. Bryce is a great actress but I wasn’t scared of her. Her hair, clothing, voice, and makeup seemed too refined. I would have liked to see more growling, teeth baring, and nomadness.
3. Bella’s wig in a couple scenes is fuzzy but for the most part I never noticed it.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marcy
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 13:20:51

    Here is my problem with the whole “Twilight” franchise. When the movies were first cast, there was no budget and so, they didn’t get the greatest actors or the best screen writer. In my opinion, Rob and Kristen can’t act! They are completely unbelievable as Bella and Edward. And, Stephenie Meyer needs to confront the screen writer and tell her she’s fired! She re-writes the entire series into something totally unlike the books. It’s terrible and I hate it! “Vampire Diaries” is better written and acted!


    • Immortal Dreamer
      Jun 30, 2010 @ 16:56:24

      Strong options, yes with the films they are some differences with the books but not so much so that the whole essence of Twilight is gone, if you feel that strongly that you hate Rob and Kristen acting I recommend you not to watch, just enjoy the books, I think they make the perfect Edward and Bella and think they are one of reasons, The Twilight saga franchise is so big and ever popular! also The Vampire Diaries is a brilliant show and doesn’t get enough credit! and cant wait for season 2 🙂


  2. babytyche08
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 15:57:18

    Oh my.. felt really sad .. 😦 me and my friends are supposed to watched eclipse today but i got sick.


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