True Bloods Alexander Skardgard New Photo And Interview

Photo: Annika Aschberg

Alexander Skarsgård is Swede hottest in Hollywood. Now he is current in its first Swedish film in three years, Johan Kling Kiss with premiere in August. Situation Sthlm Cyril Hellman got one interview.

Alexander Skarsgård says that working with Hugs is a longstanding one. For one and half years ago, director Johan Kling into the wall and midway through the recording process was suspended indefinitely.

– It was tricky because I do not live in Sweden. I had to go home to LA and continue with True Blood. It became a huge lot of fiddling to get it all together. But I can probably speak for all actors when I say that we were anxious to end the Kiss and do not leave half finished movie.

– Once we could return to work, I was finished with the second season of True Blood but was then in the middle of the filming of the feature film Straw Dogs in Shreveport in the depths of Louisiana. It became a bit hysterical, I had an intense schedule and also forced me to cut all the hair for the role. I flew from Shreveport through Atlanta, New York and Stockholm to Visby where Puss producer met me and drove straight to the studio in Fårösund, where a nervous makeup artist was waiting with a wig, I never even tried before. Luckily, it fit, then it was just to take a large cup of black coffee and stand in front of the camera and smile. We filmed intensively for three days, then I flew back to Shreveport. I was obviously right exhausted during recording, but happy to finish Kiss of a sick inspiring John and a wonderful team saved me.

Alexander left Sweden for his age of 30 still had the most roles as a high school hunk. Today, after the success of U.S. TV series Generation Kill and True Blood are the different roles at home. What if you want to continue filming in Sweden?

– Yes. It was also on the Swedish film climate in the early 2000s was boring. It was not very interesting, it was monotonous mass productions and I only got the same kinds of deals. Now it’s completely different. Ten years ago, we were worst in the Nordic countries, while today we are proud to Swedish when you travel around the world and meet people in the industry. People are impressed by what is happening in Sweden. We have many new, young, interesting filmmakers who have something personal to tell. Johan Kling is not directly a teenager but he is definitely the new wave of Swedish filmmakers who have unique style and feel, that real auteurs. I was a big fan of the Darling; an incredible movie. For me it was natural to go home and work with John. And have you not read John’s book “People totally irrelevant, will acquire it immediately!

Puss is a förvecklingskomedi which takes place in a small Friteatern. Alexander’s brother is also with Gustav and plays his opposite, an introvert indie guy. They did not meet in a single scene.

– Gurra and I do not got together, but there are some scenes where the whole ensemble is together so we had to hang a bit anyway.



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