True Bloods Ryan Kwanten Helps Charity In Sydney

Summer Bay resident-turned-Hollywood pin-up Ryan Kwanten is making it even easier for the families of sick children to follow his hit TV series True Blood.

After five years playing Vinnie Patterson on Home and Away, the Aussie actor moved to the US where he has emerged as a rising star on one of the country’s most popular TV shows.

Kwanten, 33, plays a charming, if philandering, ladies man on the US vampire drama True Blood, set in the deep south.

But on Monday, Kwanten was back in Sydney, courtesy of Telstra, to help launch the new T-box home entertainment system.

His first stop was to the Ronald McDonald House in Randwick where he donated a set-top box to the families of seriously ill children living at the centre.

Telstra will donate one T-Box to every Ronald McDonald House in the country over the coming month.

T-box allows viewers to watch BigPond TV, HD free-to-air TV, and YouTube videos from the one set-top box, while also working as a personal video recorder.

This is so lovely to see!



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