Joe Manganiello Talks True Blood With New Stills

OMG!! this photo, so exciting, love seeing the books come to life! 🙂

Joining the cast of TV’s buzziest drama is a fairly awesome prospect — but when the show in question already sits atop your Tivo season pass list, that “you’re hired” phonecall reaches unprecedented levels of jubilation.

Such was the case when Joe Manganiello learned he’d been cast as Alcide, Sookie’s werewolf bodyguard and potential bedmate in “True Blood’s” third season. But the celebration was short-lived since Joe now had to made his body live up to author Charlaine Harris’ novel image of Alcide. “Arms the size of boulders” is a daunting description.

With his biggest episode to date airing this Sunday, I caught up with Joe to find out what it felt like to go from “True Blood” fan to featured actor, why he felt such a personal connection with Alcide and what lies ahead in the Bill-Sookie-Alcide-Debbie-Coot love quadrangle.
PopWrap: You’ve previously admitted to being a fan of “True Blood” before joining the show, so I’m curious what it’s like being on set?
Joe Manganiello: Yes, that’s right – big fan. The first table read was like being sucked into the television. I’d imagine it like being a kid who loves Michael Jordan and getting drafted into the NBA where you have to guard him. Being at the first table read was like that – I am watching the show from the front row but I have to get in there and be a part of it. There was a lot of adjustment. Adjustment and awe.

PW: And what about the first day shooting?
Joe: I remember filming the scene and literally thinking, “oh my god, that’s Sookie Stackhouse!” Seeing Lafayette in full makeup was another amazing thing. There’s never a dull moment. I sit there and play my part, but I also have a front row seat to Ryan Kwanten and Chris Bauer doing their thing as I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing in their takes. It’s really awesome.

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