True Bloods Kristin Bauer Shine Pet Photos

Absolutely love these photos! Krsitin is such a animal lover, shes an amazing woman and I wish everyone cared so much about animal welfare as much as Kristin does. 🙂

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin Bauer, her husband Abri and their 2 gorgeous dogs Asher and Ozmand in April. Kristin is an extremely talented actress most well known for her role as Pam on the HBO hit series True Blood.I loooooove her character on the show – she’s so deadpan and delicious and villainous and gorgeous all in one. And that wardrobe! If you haven’t seen True Blood yet, you should seriously consider devoting an entire weekend to catching up on seasons one and two – yes, it’s that good and no surprise that it’s HBO’s most popular show since The Sopranos!

I know Kristin is really, ridiculously good at acting because in real life, she’s truly nothing like Pam. AT ALL! You know you’ve had a good session when after 2 hours of photographing, you still want to sit and chit chat over coffee- which is exactly what we did. I love her dedication to her husband, her dogs, to rescue, to the environment, and to the world we all share. What a beautiful person, inside and out. And did I mention her husband Abri is an fabulously talented musician?

Thanks for a great photoshoot Kristin and Abri. Kristin, I look forward to seeing more of your fangastic ways on True Blood this season!

see more photos from this cute photoshoot at source


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