True bloods Deborah Ann Woll Talks New Films Roles

If your first impression of Deborah Ann Woll comes from watching her throw otherworldly tantrums and suck blood on camera, it’s an unexpected treat to speak with the actress behind-the-scenes. Unlike her unruly onscreen counterpart (the petulant Jessica Hanby from HBO’s vampire phenomenon, True Blood – the striking strawberry blonde is nothing but sweetness and charm. “There’s nothing cool about Jessica,” Woll says with a laugh, “I mean, she’s just working her way through it. And it’s sort of fun to struggle with her sometimes.”

With True Blood’s third season back this month, and several films in production, this Brooklyn native (she now lives in Los Angeles) is well on her way toward big things in Hollywood. With roots in theater and a diploma from the University of Southern California, the 25-year-old made a few network television appearances on My Name Is Earl and The Mentalist before landing her role on True Blood, a series lauded for its not-so-subtle social commentary. As a champion of the underdog, Woll embraces these altruistic efforts. “With HBO, we can get 5 million [viewers] a week, which is really pretty cool, you know? You can use that… as a tool for subtle revolution, as I call it.”

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