More True Blood Season 3 Spoilers

Warning Spoilers People!!

Joe in Costa Mesa, Calif.: I am seriously loving this season of True Blood! I’ll take any scoop you’ve got!
How about some Bon Temps body count intel? Director Scott Winant tells us: “This season the fewest actors die. I killed my share, but compared to season two, not as many.” Are you breathing a sigh of relief that we’ll be losing less of our beloved characters or do you tune in for the blood and carnage? We won’t judge. Well, maybe just a little.

Gracie in Kansas: What’s ahead for Jason?
Looks like that annoying quarterback is going to continue honing in on Jason’s old stomping grounds, because our True Blood sources say his next stop is going to be working with the infamous road crew. Guess that scholarship didn’t come around after all?

Cara in Highland, Calif.: What’s the deal with Tommy’s dad?
Are you referring to that freaky head of hair, or the whole “I own my son!” thing? Let’s go with the latter. Without revealing too much, we’ll say that the Mickens family has a means of income and it involves pimping out their youngest son, so to speak. Oh, and it’s illegal and does not occur when Tommy’s in his human form.



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