True Bloods Deborah Ann Woll Talks Eternal Youth

Speaking with Asian media last month from Los Angeles, where she is based, the 25-year-old redhead explained: “It’s really interesting that we romanticise the idea of eternal youth.

“But when you think about being a teenager, and how strenuous and difficult that can be, would you really want to live at that age forever and ever?”

Indeed, Jessica, a “pious, church-going” virgin before she was transformed into one of the undead, doesn’t have it easy. For one thing, the 17-year-old’s virginity regenerates each time after she has had sex.

“Losing one’s virginity is a real representation of becoming a woman and not being a little girl any more,” Brooklyn-born Woll said. “To have her stuck as a child when all she wants is to be a grown-up…is absolutely tragic and sad.”

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