True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis Talks Lafayette, Kissing Men And His Baptist Background

Of Lafayette’s carefree side, Ellis opines, “I think it’s kind of gone. I think, knowing a little bit about Alan, I think he’s probably going to explore other places in Lafayette. He doesn’t seem like he goes back – he touches something and moves on. I think that element will always be a part of Lafayette, because it’s a part of his DNA. I don’t know if it’ll be as projected ever again as it was in the first season. And if it does, that’d be a ball for me. But I don’t know if Alan is going to do that.”

However, Ellis feels its unlikely Lafayette will ever completely lose his spirit. What the actor likes best about the man he plays is, “His fun. I think Lafayette looks at life in a way that is, ‘You know, whatever. It’s just survival of the fittest. Let’s just get it done.’ I think he’s drama-free, as long as he gets the money to do what he wants to do, he’s fine, and he keeps it light. I like that about him – I like the fun and lightness about him. Whenever you inundate him with all this drama, I feel burdened,” Ellis laughs, “I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s …’ I just think that he’s much like me. To a fault, I tend to be on the lighter side of life, even though I’m admonished a lot for not taking things as seriously as I could, but the light part of Lafayette, the fun part of Lafayette, is what I like the most.” In real life, “I love to save the drama for the work.”

Ellis adds that there was another element he had to gear up to deal with: nudity. “I am very uncomfortable. I’m from the South [born in Illinois, raised in Alabama], conservative Baptist background. So any time you want to disrobe me, it makes me uncomfortable, because we don’t do that where I’m from,” he laughs. “In fact, my whole character should make me uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.”

In that case, how did Ellis feel about the scene where Lafayette sucks blood from Eric’s arm? “I have no problem sucking Alexander’s arm. It’s just an arm. I had a problem with kissing Stephen Root [who played vampire Eddie in Season One], but he’s a good kisser, so after the seventh take, I’m like, ‘All right,’ shut my eyes and just imagine it’s my girlfriend – although his facial hair was stabbing me to death in my face.” Ellis notes this led to an epiphany: “‘Oh, this is why women want us to shave, because we kill them with our facial hair when we kiss them!’”

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