Anna Paquin Talks True Blood, Life And Acting

Is it possible for human beings and vampires to live in peace?

Oh, gosh. I don’t know. Certainly not on our show — otherwise we’d all be going home! [laughs] “And they lived happily ever after. Eric opened a really nice school for young vampires, where he lovingly talked them through the early stages of vampirism and how not to kill people. And Pam covered makeup tips for hiding the blood.” It’s just never gonna happen, is it? Although it would be funny! It would be funny for one episode and then it would be like, “Just kidding, that was a dream.”

I want to see someone carry on Godric’s vision of peace. I was sad to see him go. He was the last hope!

Well, read into that what you will. The last hope for peace committed suicide because there was no hope for peace. [laughs]

Of everyone, I think it’s Bill who really felt that Godric had some good ideas.

Yes. Well, Eric, too. But Eric is very torn because he’s this sort of maniacal, twisted fucker who some of the time is kind of lovely and some of the time is completely using people. [laughs]

Love this interview!! read more of it here! enjoy! 🙂


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