True Bloods James Frain Talks About That Texting Scene

True Blood’s newest vampire, Franklin, played by British actor James Frain (of The Tudors), is a delightfully sick bounty hunter who falls madly in love with a human, Tara (Rutina Wesley). He’s a possessive fellow with a sadistic streak, and we spoke to Frain about playing him for laughs, his weirdly long fangs, and what the heck a British vamp is doing in Louisiana.

Did you know, initially, what this character was all about?
No, they didn’t actually tell me much at all. I went to an audition and we had a couple of scenes — the first meeting with Tara at the bar, and then one of the scenes in which I’m really distraught at her trying to get away, and really, there was nothing about it that seemed like it wasn’t just a torturous romantic story. It wasn’t until I started filming it, and started getting these scripts coming in, when I was like, Oookay! All right! I guess I’m a psycho.

Did that make you happy?
I thought it was fun. I’d have a line like, “Look how fast I can text!” And I mean, that was just hilarious. I hoped that the audience would be onboard for the ride. It seems to be working, and I’m happy that the humor came out.

How did they actually film that texting scene?

It’s weird, the vamp-speed stuff you have to do in super-slow motion, and then they speed it up. If you do it in regular speed, it doesn’t work. So have to keep super still and do it very slow.

How did you and Rutina Wesley (Tara) do that without cracking up?

I did laugh. And they just kept filming until I stopped! That scene was so much fun, and that had to come through as part of it.

Read more of James interview at source

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