True Blood At Comic Con- New Trailer, Video Interviews And Photos

The  True Blood Cast talk about the end of Season 3 (Warning Spoilers)

Below Comic Con True Blood preview trailer teases second half of the season! OMG!!!!!!

No Alexander so they had a cardboard cutout!! lol!!! Ok who wants that cutout?? everyone say I….I! Check out loads more photos here

Alan says he would consider a story involving Godric’s maker.

A fan asked Stephen if the darkness of his character has affected him and he answered, “You never know what you’re going to get. But it’s so delicious.”

Charlaine said that her favorite moment of True Blood was when she filmed her cameo at the end of Season 2.

Denis just loves the culture on the set and he fell in love with everyone and he felt comfortable in Alan Ball’s hands.

Anna says that, “I get to kick some ass this season.” Possibly hinting at a fight with Debbie Pelt.

Joe said his favorite moment on TB was three days ago when Alan asked him to be a series regualr and the fans go WILD!

A fan asked Alan what his favorite moment was and he answered, “This one. This is the closest I’ll ever get to being a rock star.”

Alan has not seen Twilight!

Alan stated that he liked the vampires in “Near Dark” & “Let the Right One In.” Denis likes the vampires in “Thirst.” Joe likes Kiefer in “Lost Boys.”

Deborah Ann Woll stated that Jess and Hoyt are dunzo for now. “Particularly for young people, you have to figure out who you are before you love someone else.”

A fan asked,”When is Tara gonna get a break?” Alan answered: “Towards the end of this season. But it won’t last…” Of course!

Charlaine reiterated that the books and the show are separate!

Alan Ball believes that Sookie and Bill are soul mates and he hopes that it works out between them, because their love is true. Weak fan response.

Spoiler: The witch, Hollow, will be a big character in season 4.

Of all the creatures on True Blood, Alan would want to be a shifter.

Favorite lines from the show: Kristin’s favorite line: “I’ve been hearing and answering to ‘hookah’ a lot.” Nelsan stated that his favorite line was: “I personally like ‘Bitch.’”

When asked about working with the animals on the show… Kristin jokes, “Skarsgard isn’t so bad once you get to know him.”

Alan states “People who know the books know that there’s a character who doesn’t really know who he/she is and becomes someone else.”

Joe (makes the ladies wild) on being inducted into the brotherhood of the sock: “You’re gonna like this weekend’s episode.”

Charlaine is looking forward to Sookie meeting her Great Grandfather on the show.

Who is Eric more loyal to Pam or Sookie? Pam is his childe, while Sookie is his infatuation.

Denis on Russell’s extensive backstory: “Alan gives us a starting point, then encourages us to fill things in. He has an ancient morality.”

Kristin says Liz Taylor is a Trubie. Charlaine says Ann Rice is also.

Nelsan likes the softer side of Lafayette with Jesus.

Nelsan joked that the girls in the Snoop Dogg video wore Alexander Skarsgard’s wig. LOL!!!

Alan Ball loves Snoop Dogg’s “Oh Sookie.” He particularly loves “the Sookettes.”

Stephen on the “twisted” sex scene: “It’s amazing the detail that goes into scene like that.”

Anna stated the following regarding how she says Sookeh, “I’ve just heard it a lot.”

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