True Bloods Kristin Bauer And Joe Manganiello Talk Fan Encounters

Much of their success, of course, is due to the ever-growing fan fervor for the show’s talented (and attractive) cast members. When MTV caught up with new fan favorites, Joe Manganiello and Kristin Bauer, who play broken-hearted werewolf Alcide and sassy, no-nonsense vampire Pam, MTV asked them to share a few choice fan encounters, and they revealed a few surprising requests.

“I had a woman come up to me and say, ‘I’ve heard that when wolves lick wounds, they’ll heal faster,'” Joe recalled (mimicking the woman’s apparently breathy tone). “So someone suggested to me that I have a wolf lick me,’ and then we just kind of stood there and had that awkward moment,” he said. “‘Alright, OK… well, it would cost ya,'” he told the woman. “And she said, ‘How much?’ and then I just said, ‘Alright, next sign…”

Kristin revealed a similar experiences. “The main thing we get is ‘Can you bite me?’ and, I’m like ‘Hahaha… no.” Bite requests aside, however, the actress said all her fans are very sweet. “I have a job because of them so I’m super appreciative, but I just can’t go around biting people in this day and age, with lawyers and things… back in the day, it was fine.”

Joe added, “Before the show, biting was completely cool, but now you’ve got to kind of watch it.”

“Probably before television, biting was fine,” Kristin said.

Check out the video interview for MTV here

hehe!! so funny!!! 🙂

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