Anna, Alexander And Stephen Talk True Blood

LOS ANGELES – AT 6’4”, Alexander Skarsgard is tall even by Hollywood standards. Anna Paquin doesn’t mind that she has gap teeth. Stephen Moyer is a lot better-looking in person.

These first impressions of the stars of HBO’s “True Blood” in a recent interview gave way to more lasting observations as our conversations, done separately, progressed.

Anna’s character, Sookie Stackhouse, is fortunate to have two charming, articulate men in her life. We know, of course, that she is engaged to Bill Compton (Stephen). While posing for photos, there was easy camaraderie among the trio who play sexy vampires in the TV series.

Anna said she has been hard at work in the hit show. So she hasn’t really heard much about the reaction to her public announcement that she is bisexual. She remarked: “At some point, I have to step outside of my bubble and go on vacation. But I am not really interested in what people have to say about that particularly.”

Stephen is a father of two kids. With his British wit, he is an extra engaging interview subject.

Alexander, who plays Eric Northman, is the son of Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard. Alex commands attention in the room with his height and good looks, but is down-to-earth and blessed with a sense of humor. He left for his native Sweden right after our talk to shoot a film.

Alexander Skarsgard

When you lived in Sweden, you were picked as the sexiest man. Since you came to the US, you seem to be on every hot list around. Are you comfortable with that?

It’s not like I wasn’t happy about it (laughing). Dude, I was flattered. I wasn’t like “Oh, really – again?” I’m only human in real life. The thing I didn’t like in Sweden was that it became the focus. Because I was voted the sexiest man in Sweden a couple of times, the roles that came in were the young hot guy. I wanted to do something that was more interesting than that. I didn’t get offers to play characters like Brad Colbert in “Generation Kill” or Eric in “True Blood” in Sweden. I wasn’t looking for the pretty boy parts.

That has definitely not been the case out here. Brad, Eric or Charlie, whom I play in “Straw Dogs” are interesting characters that are definitely a lot more than just a pretty boy. Plus I’m getting older and I like that. So I’m too old to play the college boy now.

Read all of the interview with Anna, Alexander and Stephen at source


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