The Books Vs The TV Series ‘Sookie-Eric-Bill Triangle’ (Spoilers)

Spoilers ahead

TV Guide- Question: I have recently discovered True Blood and spent the summer watching seasons 1 and 2. Alan Ball and company did all the right things to get me to invest completely in Bill and Sookie. So much so that now I physically hurt at the thought that things might not work out for them. (Kudos to them for getting that kind of response for fictional characters.) I know that things aren’t following the books exactly, which is fine by me, since I haven’t read them. However, I am getting a little worried about the book fans and their demands for an Eric hook-up and their constant reviling of Bill. They don’t seem to want to go with Alan’s version of Bill being a better, er, person. Anyway, do you have any idea of what percentage of the True Blood audience has actually read the books? Or are they just louder fans than those of us who only watch the series? Do you think that Team Bill fans will have their hearts ripped out a la Maryann? — Dana

Matt Roush: Haven’t a clue how many True Blood watchers are also readers of the Charlaine Harris books, but I’ve done both and find each experience satisfying in its own way (although I wasn’t crazy about the most recent book). They are just different enough—kind of like the Dexter books vs. the Showtime series—that I find myself enjoying them for their differences. And that includes the way the Sookie-Bill-Eric triangle is playing out. (This season complicated by the arrival of Alcide; insert wolf whistle here.) I don’t know exactly where Alan Ball’s version is headed, but I would expect a major upheaval between Sookie and Bill before long, just to keep things interesting. [MILD SPOILER ALERT] Whether any estrangement will be as long-lasting as what happens in the books, I don’t know, but I would doubt it—mostly because of the on- and off-camera chemistry of the leads and because it’s probably not in the show’s best interest to marginalize Bill over the long haul.

Whatever happens, and I’m still rooting for the show to tackle the fourth book at some point (with a very strong Sookie-Eric story), I’m betting True Blood will give both Team Bill and Team Eric opportunities to win and lose a few along the way. And while it’s fun to take sides, my advice as always is to take all the fan noise from either camp with a pinch of salt—or in this case, garlic.

To be honest, we know that the series is different from the books but we can’t help craving an Eric and Sookie hookup, I have tried my best to support Bill and Sookie and if they stay together I have to except thats what Alan Ball wants but I cant help but support the books 100%, I loved them first but whatever happens, Sookie and bill or Sookie and Eric I’ll keep watching and enjoying True Blood! Team Eric/Team Bill 🙂



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  1. jackie
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 16:53:30

    I am first and foremost a reader. I have read all of the books 3 times – some of them more that 3 times. I am also an avid “True Blood” fan. I love them both – watching “True Blood” is like getting just a little more story. Or if you watched the program then picked up the books you can think of it as getting background information.

    I think Alan Ball and the writers do an excellent job – they do not follow the books line for line, so those of us who have read them have something to anticipate every week (and I confess from the time I get up on Sunday morning I count the hours until 9:00 Sunday night). Also people must realize the books are written in first person so on “True Blood” we are getting a wider view to Bon Tempe and the people and sups who populate Sookie’s world.

    Speaking of book 4 – “Dead to the World” – if you read nothing else in the series read that book!!!


    • Immortal Dreamer
      Aug 09, 2010 @ 19:04:43

      I agree I love the books first but also love the series, I really love Jessica’s and Tara’s stories in the series and count down the days to watch to! I’ve read the books so many times, I really have lost count 🙂 and Dead to the World is my fave (Eric’s book) which I’ve read over and over!


      • jackie
        Aug 09, 2010 @ 19:49:47

        What I did not say above – I had not watched a single episode of “True Blood” until Mother’s Day. My daughter said let’s watch “True Blood” around 4:00 PM and I did not go to bed until around 4:00 AM. I did not know the series was based on books and did not start reading them until sometime in June. Like you book 4 is my favorite. I fell in love with Eric in that book.

      • Immortal Dreamer
        Aug 10, 2010 @ 08:01:36

        hehe!!! love it, so addictive! I read the first 2 books first then the series started and I was hooked! 🙂

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