Alexander Skarsgard In ‘Glamour Magazine’ Sweden

“I’m not prudish at all”
Alexander Skarsgard is without a doubt something you wanna sink your teeth into.

Alexander Skarsgard plays the thousand year old ex-viking and vampire Eric Northman, but he was this close to cut out of acting a few years ago. His father Stellan Skarsgard told him:
– If you have any other options then I would suggest you do it.
Alexander listend to his father and studied enlish for five months at Leeds university and then did his military service. But after a while, he wanted to be on stage again and he landed a few roles in Sweden before he became Ben Stiller’s roomate in “Zoolander”. His big breakout preformance was in 2008 when he played Brad “Iceman” Colbert in the miniseries “Generation Kill”.

Alexander only has one rule when it comes to dating – always focus on the girl.
– The most important thing is not how you do it, it’s who you do it with. If you are together with a wonderful person and you’re having a great time together, you can have fun on a buss.
Alexander is known as a private person when it comes to relationships.

The director Alan Ball likes Alexander’s charisma.
– He’s big, beautiful and have amazing eyes – they have a capacity to lose focus but at the same time stay totally focused.
He got the inspiration to the magnetic vampire look from movies such as “Dracula”, “Nosferatu”, “The Lost Boys” and belive it or not – nature programme.
– You know, when you see a big male lion on the svannah, and he sits up, looks at you and you don’t know wheater he’s gonna attack you or just go bad to sleep.

In “True Blood” we get so see alot of Alexander’s skin, which is very likable. And she has no problems with it.
– I’m not prudish at all. I recently filmed a very, very graphic scene with another male. And if it seems reasonable I just do it. And so far, everytime I got naked on the show or made out with some one, it has.

Two lots of Alexander news!! woohoo!! wish everyday was like this! 🙂

source source for the scans and translation

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