Alexander Skarsgard Talks Season 3

Exactly what the hell is Eric Northman doing? Viewers of HBO’s TRUE BLOOD, nominated this year for an Outstanding Drama Emmy, know that Eric has discovered that Russell Edgington, vampire king of Mississippi, was responsible for the deaths of Eric’s Viking royalty parents back in the days when Eric was still alive. Vikings are famous for taking revenge, and Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard, is clearly determined to get some. However, so far Eric is being very cool and calculating, using Russell to rescue progeny Pam from the clutches of the Magister. King Russell doesn’t seem to have a clue – yet, at least – that Eric is anything other than a new loyal subject.

Don’t expect Skarsgård to provide spoilers, but during a break for a change in camera set-ups in the set of the Fangtasia basement, the Swedish actor sits down to tell us what he can about playing Eric in True Blood’s third season and his other recent projects.

“His new arc is vengeance,” Skarsgard confirms. “Eric discovers pretty early on in season three that he lost someone many, many centuries ago and now suddenly he gets an opportunity to avenge this person, but he needs to be smart about it and do it right and be very tactical about it, because it’s not easy, what he wants to do.”

It would seem to be tough to outmaneuver a fellow vampire, especially one as old, experienced and unpredictable as Russell – case in point, the scene in the Fangtasia basement where the king turns the tables (and then some) on Zeljko Ivanek’s vampire Magister. “Exactly,” Skarsgard affirms. “So [Eric] needs to be smart about it.”

In Season Three, we see Eric before he was a vampire. Does Skarsgard play Eric’s human side differently than the vampire we’ve come to know? “Yeah. We see Eric as a younger human. It’s much more playful and youthful in a way – and, obviously, alive,” Skarsgard laughs.. “And more kind of naïve in a way, not that thousand years of experience. I love all those flashbacks. They’re so much fun. You have this plethora of opportunity with a guy like Eric, who’s been around for a thousand years; so hopefully, there will be more of those.”

Is Eric still affected emotionally by the death of his maker and mentor Godric last season? “Yeah,” Skarsgard confirms. “Absolutely, [but] this [quest for vengeance] is something now, as it comes up, from actually before he met Godric, it’s actually from even earlier than that, so it’s a pain that he’s been carrying for a thousand years. But it also affects his relationship to Pam, because he doesn’t care for many vampires or humans, but now that he lost Godric, his father, all he has is basically Pam, his daughter, and in what you’re seeing in the here and now – you’re seeing a different side, or you discover a deeper level, of their relationship. In season one and two, you see them bickering a lot and having kind of fun, and she’s kind of like his little spoiled teenaged daughter, but you can tell, you can sense that he respects her a lot. He kills a guy and he’s worried about if Pam’s going to freak out because he’s got blood in his hair, and those little things kind of hint that her opinion is quite important to him, but you can definitely see that that’s on a deeper level now in season three, because she’s obviously very, very important to Eric and in a lot of trouble.”

Bauer Von Straten has been quoted as saying that she patterned Pam’s mostly deadpan manner after what she saw Skarsgard doing, having her character react the way her character’s maker reacts. “Really?” Skarsgard laughs. So he wasn’t consciously providing an acting role model for his costar? “No, not really. I guess it was just an idea I had two years ago when I was playing around with creating the character and finding him.”

What’s Eric’s relationship like this year with Anna Paquin’s psychic Sookie Stackhouse? Skarsgard doesn’t want to give too much away. “Well, you know, it’s a long season, so there’s a lot going on. For now, with what we’re shooting right now, he’s very kind of preoccupied with this dungeon. But of course, Sookie’s always in his mind. She’s in his head and he’s still intrigued by her and that’s definitely something he will pursue in future.”

Woohoo!!! two Alexander interviews in one day! happiness, read More of Alexander’s interview at source ps had to use that photo again 😉

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