Alexander Skarsgard Talks Health And Fitness

Swedish hottie Alexander Skarsgård has good days and bad days, like almost everybody else. Being a star in a hit series — he loves “loves” playing Eric Northman, the sexy bad-boy vampire in True Blood — can create pressures. So how does he cope?

Kristen Bauer, 36, who plays vampire Pam onTrue Blood, says the strapping 6’4″ Skarsgård often hits the gym in the middle of the day to exercise when he has time.

“Alexander Skarsgård runs to the gym in the middle of the day if we have a long break,” she says.

While the hunkyAlexander works out “all the time,” he’s not entirely comfortable with his sex-symbol status.

“I see myself as most people see themselves, you have good days and bad days,” says Skarsgård. “I don’t think I’m better looking now than I did three years ago.”

Still, Alexander, who has been named the Sexiest Man in Sweden for the past five years (and has made People’sMost Beautiful list), steers away from pretty-boy roles.

“I’m always looking for something that’s real and that’s got meat on it,” he says. “I think it’s artistic suicide if you’re too vain, or if you’re afraid to play ugly. I would never fall for that.”

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