Joe Manganiello Talks True Blood, Singing And Acting

The Interview

TBN: Hi Joe, thanks so much for joining us today!

Joe: Hi, good to be able to talk to you.

TBN: We don’t want to keep you too long so we’ll just jump right into the interview. You grew up in the Rust Belt?

Joe: Well I grew up in Pittsburgh.

TBN:Can you tell us a little of what it was like to grow up there?

Joe: It was beautiful and green. I think most people have an idea of Pittsburgh that’s very antiquated and smoke stacks spewing.  You need to take an extra dress shirt to lunch because you’ll be covered in soot kind of city but it really wasn’t like that.  I was born there when the Steelers and the Pirates were both winning repeated championships and so I grew up in this really fun town that was beautiful.  It’s green, full of mountains, beautiful rivers; I went to a great school.  It had a TV studio built into it in high school.  When I went to high school it was unheard of, it was before the days of computer editing so I had a lot of my. I was exposed to a lot of things eclectically that shaped my future and I wound up staying there for college, Carnegie Melon and it’s a great city for the arts.  Andy Warhol went to Carnegie Melon, he was born in Pittsburgh.  The great amazing museums and art theatre, so, I grew up exposed to all of that and I think it really shaped me.

TBN: Did you always know that you wanted to be an actor?

Joe: No, I didn’t.  Not at all.  Very much the opposite.  I was a jock and so I grew up playing 3 sports a year, I was the Captain of all of them, I trained all summer long and I looked at those theatre kids as those black turtle-neck wearing weirdo’s at the other lunch table.  It wasn’t until really I started borrowing cameras and editing and making my own films on the weekends that I really fell in love with film making at first, but I realized I enjoyed acting too and started taking classes and I thought if I could bet better at this my movies will get better.  Then I just caught the bug and rather go on to college and pursue sports, and I was going to pursue a career in the FBI.  I wound up getting a scholarship to Carnegie Melon.

Check out more of Joe’s interview at source 🙂


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