Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgard- Celebrate With Charity Auction

Today we wish Happy Birthday to the lovely Alexander Skarsgard from all our readers at Immortal Dreaming, 34th birthday today so don’t forget to celebrate his Birthday With the Charity Auction below, happy bidding guys! 🙂

Few people would rather give than receive on their birthday, but Alexander Skarsgård is one of them. Alex’s birthday falls on August 25th and he has requested fans not to send him gifts but instead to put their money where it could do the most good.

SkarsgårdNews.com has acknowledged Alex’s request, accepted the mission, and working with his approval, is coordinating its first charity auction to benefit Alex’s charity of choice, Amnesty International.

Amnesty International is a global organization dedicated to protecting people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. They investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world. Through Amnesty’s research and action, governments have been persuaded to stop human rights violations and change their laws and practices. Death sentences have been commuted. Torturers have been brought to justice and prisoners of conscience have been released. Public support of Skarsgårdnews.com’s charity auction will help ensure that this important work continues.

The auctions will begin on August the 22nd and last for over 2 months. New items will be presented each week and will be sold before the next item is offered for bidding. The first item on the block was donated by Celeb4ADay.com and consists of the “A-List Package.” It is specifically intended for either Los Angeles residents or those traveling to the LA area. It can also be gifted to someone who fits the geographical criteria.

This item was inspired by Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi” music video in which Alex portrays her murderous boyfriend. The “A-List Package” offers the winning bidder a unique A-List celebrity experience which includes 4 paparazzi photographers following you to your destination be it a night club or Denny’s, shouting questions, taking pictures, vying for your attention, begging for one more photo, just like Alex encounters whenever he goes to buy milk. While his pap experience is unending, yours will last 30 minutes.

The best part, you’ll have your own tabloid cover with headlines custom made just for you and a DVD containing pictures of your experience to share. Warning – bodyguard not included, neither is the murderous boyfriend!

Other items available will include: autographed memorabilia, original art, jewelry, True Blood merchandise and rare items, and other pieces unique to Alex’s career. Alexander Skarsgård himself has donated several personal items to be auctioned off.

We on the website are excited to host what we hope will be the first of many such events that allow the fans to send their money where it’s needed most. So check in frequently and bid often at SkarsgårdNews.com

The charity’s main page is here. Please read carefully before bidding on any auction!


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