True Bloods Joe Manganiello Video Interview ‘US Magazine’

Joe Manganiello is getting a lot of attention since he became the werewolf, Alcide Herveaux on True Blood. However, the fame can be sometimes scary, too. Now he’s extra cautious when he goes out anywhere because fans have started to follow him around.

He told, “I’ve had to have my car checked for a tracking device – for a stalker. It’s been a little interesting. You have to take the good with the bad.

But, there’s also good that comes from fame, and Joe seems to have a healthy attitude by taking in the good, as well as the bad: “It has definitely been an overwhelming amount of support. I just can’t believe how much people love my character on the show. And that has just helped me feel great!

He’s currently sitting pretty as one of True Blood‘s hottest werewolves, but he could have another career if his gig on HBO doesn’t pan out: professional eater!

To prep for his role as bulked-up Alcide, Manganiello says he was afforded one “cheat day” to eat whatever he wanted — away from the watchful eyes of his trainer.

I wolfed down, literally, these two big waffles with butter and syrup and half a fried chicken, got some collared greens, some macaroni and cheese…I downed it in probably under four minutes and anybody that was watching was probably horrified,” the actor says.

In the video below he talks about his part of Alcide, his “cheat meal” and how True Blood is his favorite show.

Check out the video at source

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