Rutina Wesley And Joe Manganiello At RCN’s True Blood Event Boston

Joe Manganiello and Rutina Wesley have been out and about in Boston for RCN’s True Blood event at The Estate. Almost 300 fans attended and all of them cheered for Rutina as she danced onstage in front of the DJ and got even crazier for Joe’s entrance. As soon as he entered, the cheering fans got even louder. Joe completely understands the enthusiasm the fans showed. He said,

“I love the turnout. I mean, I was a huge fan of [True Blood], so to see all the other people who are excited about it, I identify [with them].”

Earlier that day, Rutina and Joe could be found at Qdoba at Northeastern University, signing autographs. It looks like Rutina and Joe had a great time, as did the fans!

Check out more photos at source

SOURCES: The Boston Globe — Werewolf Whistles for ‘True Blood’ Star

The Boston Herald — Tracked Down: Rutina Wesley, Kim Raver, John Lackey and More…

(Image Credits: Lara Callahan, Patrick Whittemore, TwitPic user SavageDee, and Track Gals TV)


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