Kristin Bauer Van Straten Talks Pam And Alexander Skarsgard

“No, I haven’t too much. When I fly I always get one of the magazines and catch up on what he’s been up to. But I try to leave him alone; he’s such a sweet guy.”

True Blood‘s bitchiest bloodsucker Kristin Bauer van Straten (or Pam, as we know her) when we asked her if she picked on Alexander Skarsgård—like some of his other costars have fessed to doing—for all that tabloid attention he gets.

Seeing as KB just had a long flight back from visiting South Africa, we wonder what she’d have to say about A.Skars’s most recent tour-de-tabloids, ya know, about whether or not he and GF Kate Bosworth are totally dunzo. But then again, how true is the goss about him?

“It’s probably about—like everybody—50 percent,” Kristin calculated. “Ya know, Anna [Paquin] and I were on the set one day reading about how she was in the hospital and filming had been canceled and I go, ‘When was that?’ So it’s half and half.”

So wonder if that 50 percent is the really delicious stuff or the über-boring Bosworth business? Our (knowing) bet is the Blind Vice-worthy stuff, babes.

But, must admit, we’re totally bummed for Bauer, who plays a vamp that Eric changed. For those not in on the vamp lingo, that means Alexander plays a sort-of father figure role to Kristin’s Pam, a.k.a. she’ll never get in on any of Alex’s steamy, sometimes guy-on-guy sex scenes.

Not to mention Pammy prefers the chicks. But, still, how bummed must she be?

“Not since I’m married,” she smiled (the gal got married last year after two seasons of Blood lust) before quickly adding: “Before I was married I was a little more disappointed.”

Read more of Kristin’s interview at source

Image source: HBO


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