Twilights Peter Facinelli Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’

How excited are you to start filming?
I’m really excited to start filming the last one, it’s bittersweet. It’s the last two movies of the franchise. Hopefully we’ll go out with a bang. Or a bite.

You’re starting in New Orleans right?
Yea, no. I don’t even know where we’re shooting. I know we’re not shooting in Canada. Maybe parts of it, they’re shooting parts of it all over.

Why haven’t they filled you in on anything?
They keep us on a need to know basis.

I hope they tell you before you actually get there.
If I don’t, fans usually know before I do.

Is your family going to come visit?
I don’t know. They’re in school, so if they have a break I’m sure they’ll come visit.

Are you looking forward to being a Grandpa in the movie?
No. No one looks forward to being a grandfather.

Your wife said you’d be a foxy grandpa.
A foxy grandpa. Well, I think I wouldn’t have a lot of competition. There’s not a lot of 23 year old grandfathers. My character’s supposed to be 23.

Nikki Reed said you were an awesome chef, what’s your favorite meal to make for the cast?
I think the last time I made them pasta with vodka sauce. I think they just liked the vodka part of it (laughs).




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