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True Bloods Ryan Kwanten Is Australia’s ‘GQ’ Man of the Year

Pic: Darren Roberts Source: The Daily Telegraph

Man of the Year Ryan Kwanten

Who better to interview the nation’s most desired man than its funniest? Wil Anderson catches up with GQ Man of the Year Ryan Kwanten for a few beers (some drunk, one spilt) and Probes the brilliant mind behind the stunning pecs.

For the past few years Kwanten’s been burning up the small screen as the hilarious Jason Stackhouse in True Blood, and in his spare time over the last year he’s managed to squeeze in three films – Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, Griff the Invisible, and Red Hill. And there’s plenty more to come.

Kwanten shares everything with GQ from growing up in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, to breaking into Hollywood and his dislike of sleep. Despite his success Kwanten remains down-to-earth and is still excited by living and working in Hollywood – “Every time I drive down Santa Monica Boulevard, every time I see the Hollywood sign, I’ve been here eight years now and I still have that twinkle.”

And Ryan On tomorrows GQ Magazine cover!

Read more from the awards at source! 🙂


True Blood Season 4 Episode 2 Title Released (Spoilers)

Episode two of season four (which premieres Sunday, June 12!), is set at Fangtasia and called “You Smell Like Dinner.” Fangbanger smorgasbord, anyone? A source on set also told me they are building some sort of bakery and/or pie shop for the upcoming season three. Oh God. Maybe Strawberry Shortcake’s nemesis is the new big bad?! They’re also building a “weird looking metal shack” and allowing Sam to go more grey this season. You heard it here first, people! (Sorry if we just ruined the whole season for you.)

Also a casting call:

[CALLUM] British bartender seen in flashback to London in 1982. He bartends in a punk underground nightclub…

[MALE PROTESTOR #1] This male protestor, 5′8″ tall at most, pickets Fangtasia and starts a physical fight with a “fangbanger”…

[MALE PROTESTOR #2] Another male protestor picketing Fangtasia, he captures a confrontation on his smart phone…

[LUTHER] An older, backwoods, inbred man at the compound, he is Timbo’s uncle…

source source2

The Twilight Saga ‘Eclipse’ New BTS Video And Stephenie Meyer And Wyck Godfrey Commentary

Stephenie Meyer/ Wyck Godfrey Producer Commentary

OK I know many expected this to be pretty boring, but these 2 are actually funny and interesting, though not as entertaining as Rob/Kristen. They
did it before the premiere, so they wonder at the audience’s reaction to
certain scenes. If you can’t be bothered watching it yourselves, here
are the best parts:

• Supposedly a drunk friend was recording Xavier in his video audition he sent in.

• The title art was initially different. SM: It was boring.

• They chat about Bella having a voiceover at the start of every movie.
Wyck suggests Kristen’s voiceover for BD will simply be “I’m pregnant”.

• SM describes the wig being a “diva”. i.e. requiring attention

• They joke about how Charlie is always drinking beer describing him as
being the most alcoholic cop in movie history. SM describes him as the
unsung hero of the Twilight series. Everyone loves Charlie. Then Wyck
says he’s a “sung hero”. People have actually written songs about him so
lookout on the next soundtrack.


True Bloods Ryan Kwanten Celebrates His Birthday

True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten blows out the candles on his three-tiered cake as he celebrates his 34th birthday at The Underground on Saturday (November 27th) in Chicago, Ill.

The Aussie actor is back down under promoting his new film Red Hill where he plays a young police officer who must survive his first day’s duty in a small country town.

Check out more photos of Ryan having a great birthday at source 🙂


True Bloods Alexander Skarsgard ‘Cafe Magazine’ 2009 Stills Now In HQ


The Twilight Saga ‘Eclipse’ Deleted And Extended Scenes Video


True Bloods Joe Manganiello At The Pittsburgh Holiday Parade

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The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn ‘Feathers Photo’

I know most of you guys have seen it but its so exciting people!!! 🙂

Taken from source: Twilight Facebook Page

“Happy Thanksgiving and A crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours” – Bill Condon

Twilights Robert Pattinson: Even More Outtakes From ‘TV Week’

Happiness! 🙂 check them all out at source!

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