Twilights Kellan Lutz Talks Acting, Modeling And Emmett (Plus New Photoshoot)

Taken from YPB Magazine

Twilight star Kellan Lutz has enough sex appeal to sustain him in Hollywood for a while, but it’s his true talents that light up the screen and give him goals that far surpass the vampire saga.

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and bulky-biceped Kellan Lutz is loving life right now as a member of one of the hottest Hollywood casts to ever hit the big screen. The 25-year-old actor/model was an instant hit with the Twilight series fans, making an impact even with the small number of lines and quick glimpses of his character, Emmett Cullen, that were seen in the first couple movies. But all the pasty white vampire makeup in the world couldn’t hide the real talent Lutz possesses, though he claims this is never a position he looked to be in.

“Modeling and acting is one of the biggest blessings that has ever entered my life,” Lutz says. “I really fell into modeling when I was in high school when a buddy of mine was photographed for Dillard’s and he was in the local newspaper and we made fun of him. And then his comeback was, ‘I made $500 for that photo shoot.’ To us kids in high school in Arizona that’s a lot of money so I asked how he got involved and he walked me through the steps of getting an agent. So I started modeling. And I liked it. I really liked being in front of the camera. It was this new world that I never really knew existed.”

Once Lutz figured out he had a good thing going, he was able to capitalize on the opportunity even further A but not without experiencing some resistance from his family first. He explains it as his parents having “a fear of the unknown,” as parents are typically known for when the idea of a college degree has the potential to get thrown out the window. But he went for it and rationalizes, “It was never a dream for me, which is kind of helpful because it’s not a limitation. I don’t have a ceiling saying, ‘Oh, I haven’t made it yet, I’m a failure’ – because everything I do, it’s like, this is awesome! I was on my own for a little bit and there were hard times, but then my parents saw that I wasn’t getting into dirtiness or, to be honest, pornography. I think that was the biggest fear And I didn’t want a plan B because if you have a plan B than that means you’re allowing plan A to potentially fail.”

After moving to Los Angeles to go to college at Chapman University he found himself with a major coveted modeling gig as the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue cover boy. It was soon after that the burgeoning star had one of those moments when all it took was for someone to say something inspiring to get the next phase of his career in motion.

Read more of Kellan’s interview and check out his photoshoot at source! 😉


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