True Bloods Alexander Skarsgard: Germany Interview

Translation of the interview

“True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard: Fascinated by Munich

Manuel Weis met with the international star in the Bavarian capital. He spoke to him about the HBO series “True Blood,” the third season is currently being broadcast on Sky. Also: All of his other projects.

MW: Is this your first time here in Germany?
AS: No. I was here four years ago at the World Cup in Munich, I watched Sweden against Germany. That was not a good day.

MW: We Germans had the better end …
AS: Yes, you had more fun.

MW: Do you like Munich?
AS: I love it. We were first in Cologne where Sweden played against England in the group stage. Then we went to Munich, and I have to say: A very impressive city.

MW: There was a great atmosphere throughout the country at the time.
AS: The people were incredibly friendly, we felt welcome. For me it was a great experience. It feels incredible. I miss the four seasons and I have to say I miss the autumn incredibly much. How the leaves change their color. It’s nice to see that here.

MW: Did you know that there are so many fans of “True Blood” in Germany? I’ve heard that some girls even wanted to find out where we are meeting today.
AS: Until I came here I didn’t know. But I have met some fans outside the hotel – it was crazy.

MW: How were the fans?
AS: They were very nice. They wanted me to sign some things, we took photos. Things like that. On the one hand I know that the series is being broadcast on TV in other countries, on the other hand, we film “True Blood” so far away from here. It fascinates me that people here know so many details of my character.

MW: What do you think generally of the hype about vampire shows? “Twilight,” “Vampire Diaries” …
AS: I can’t answer that. I’ve only seen “True Blood”, all the rest I don’t know. I can’t say that I don’t like the other productions – I’ve never seen any of them. But I am, for example, a big fan of Nosferatu. I like the earlier works.

MW: Which series do you like on TV?
AS: I like “The Colbert Report” and “30 Rock” is great.

MW: You like comedy.
AS: Not only – these is great shows. I loved “Deadwood,” but that was a few years ago. But it’s hard for me to watch TV regularly. Therefore, I’m afraid I rather buy the DVD boxes.

Read more of Alexanders interview at source! 🙂



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