‘Dying For Daylight’ The Game : Charlaine Harris Interview

Charlaine Harris, creator of the Sookie Stackhouse series that inspired HBO’s True Blood TV show, has become the latest best-selling author to partner with the casual game studio. Gamezebo sat down with Charlaine to chat about the upcoming hidden object adventure game Dying for Daylight. We were joined by I-play VP of Marketing Tony Leamer as well.

How did the partnership with I-play come about? How did you get interested in making a video game based on your characters?

Charlaine: Well, I’m sure that the fact that True Blood was such a success made people more interested in my work. I-play contacted my agent and we started talking about a way to use some of my characters in a casual game, and we decided to use Dahlia Linley-Chivers whom I’ve written about in several short stories, because she’s very visual and she lives in the same world as the vampires of True Blood, but isn’t connected to them. so it seemed like a really natural thing, and I’ve really enjoyed the process.

Let’s talk a little bit about that process. How involved have you been with the development of the game?

Charlaine: Well, I have very little knowledge of the game development process, so I have enjoyed them asking me what Dahlia looks like and things like that. And then I’ve seen the pictures and parts of the actual game, and given my input at every point on the actual storytelling in the game and in the way that the characters look.

Are you involved in writing any of the dialogue or are you more of a consultant?

Charlaine: I’m there to provide nore of an overall check of the story against the facts in Dahlia’s world.

Why do you think the character of Dahlia is a good choice to base a video game on?

Charlaine: I think Dahlia makes such a great character because she’s very action-oriented, she’s very physical and she’s very visual. She’s all about how she looks, and she wants other people to know how great she looks too. She never hesitates to take direct action, and I think that’s a really good characteristic of someone who is the protagonist of a video game.

Why do you think that supernatural themes and vampires in particular continue to be so popular these days in pop culture?

Charlaine: I can only be glad they are! I’m not really sure why the supernatural is so popular right now. Every five years or so there seems to be a big trend in literature of one kind or another and I think this has been the five years of the vampire. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but sooner or later something will replace the vampire as the desirable supernatural creature.

So exciting!!! check out more of Charlaine’s interview at source!


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