True Bloods Kristin Bauer Talks About Love For Her Dogs

Photography by Grace Chon/

Tell us about your dogs. Names, breeds, ages and everything about them.

Well, we have Asher, my boy, he’s around 5 years old and is a Rottweiler mix, he’s black and tan but mixed with something else because he’s quite small.

We also have Oz, short for Osmond. We got him at 2 years old from the pound. He’s a Labrador with the coolest looking eyes.

He was once the third dog in the gang. Right now I have the smallest crowd I’ve probably ever had, we’ve just had two older animals pass away which is always tough.

When did your interest in pets begin and how long have you been a pet owner?

Through the years we’ve had a Beagle, a Pointer, a list of Labradors and we’ve always had cats. When I was at college although in my freshman year I had a cat which I took into the dorm, although it wasn’t allowed.

The first dog that I got, my girlfriend was a receptionist at a veterinary surgery and I’d stopped by for lunch one day and there was this dog in a cage there. She was about a year old and as soon as I saw her her eyes haunted me, I just fell in love.

She’d been left by her owner that day and the vet wasn’t hopeful they’d come back. I asked the vet if she could come into my home, I’d take care of her and he told me if the owner came back, I’d have to give her back. I knew I wouldn’t be able to, but her owners didn’t come back for her until years later.

I also had a Rottweiler puppy, I was in LA and it was for sale. This mean looking guy pulled up and was on the pavement. I just ran up, paid and bought the puppy. I couldn’t bear to think he’d go to the wrong home – that said, I’m now much more aware and wouldn’t buy again from that sort of situation having seen so many puppy mills.

I’d always encourage people to visit their local shelter and rescue, there’s so many animals there looking for new homes.

Our readers will know you for your most recent role in True Blood, what do you love most about your character, Pam? You’ve just filmed the season finale in the US – how would you best describe the finale?

My character pretty deep, I find her fascinating. She’s very much one of the hounds, she’s very cool and I love her sarcastic nature. I just love that fashionista diva!

In the finale, my characters loyalty to Eric is tested and you get to find out a little more about what makes her tick, everyone’s characters are explored deeper and I really think fans will enjoy it.

Read more of Kristin’s interview at source

Just thought I’d post a pic of my dog Jack, he’s five years old and is adorable! 🙂


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