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Alexander Skarsgard Awards Watch: Emmy Roundtable Drama Actors

Matthew Fox (ABC’s “Lost”), left, Jon Hamm (AMC’s “Mad Men”), Bryan Cranston (AMC’s “Breaking Bad”), Alexander Skarsgard (HBO’s “True Blood”), Ray Romano (TNT’s “Men of a Certain Age”) and Matt Bomer (USA’s “White Collar”)

“Who canceled that got me here?” Ray Romano joked as the first of The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy Roundtable series began. Humor dominated the hourlong discussion in a penthouse at the Chateau Marmont, during which the drama panel poked fun at their wives, declared themselves narcissistic and told a major TV critic to “suck it.”

The Hollywood Reporter: When you guys watch your performances, what do you criticize most?

Matthew Fox: I don’t (watch). Never. I’m a fan of the show and I watched early on because I wanted to see how it was put together. But I don’t find any benefit in seeing what I’m doing.

THR: How about the others? Do you watch your shows?

Matt Bomer: Sometimes. You want to see the character come to life in an authentic way and hope you’re not mugging or being inorganic.

Alexander Skarsgard: I watch it and I’m blown away by my own performance! (Laughs.) No, every single scene, I’m like, “Oh man, way too big. That look is so redundant. Again with that flat delivery?” I really don’t enjoy it.

THR: Yet you keep coming back.

Skarsgard: I do. I’m like a drug to myself. (Laughs.) I did movies in Sweden before I came over here, and I would never watch dailies because I didn’t want to see myself in the character. But that obviously had to change (on a series) because I couldn’t wait seven years until the show’s over to go back and watch it. I still don’t watch the monitors; but when the season airs, I do watch it.

Jon Hamm: We don’t have playback on our show, but watching playback is a whole different experience because you’re right there and you’re like, “Ah, I can’t watch it. I wanted to do something else, it’s not coming through.” Watching a complete version of the show, you’re far enough away that you can feel separated enough to sit and enjoy it.

THR: Do you approach a dramatic role differently than a comedic one?

Bryan Cranston: You have to know the tone of your show. This show (“Breaking Bad”), for instance, is very dark, so the things I look for are the subtle opportunities to lighten it up a little bit. Every good drama has a nice sprinkling of levity to it, and every good comedy has its sincere moments to surprise the audience. What I don’t like is whenever the lay person in Nebraska can sense it — set-up, set-up, here comes the punchline. If the audience can sense it and is way ahead of you, you’ve lost them.

Ray Romano: The harder part on this show (“Men of a Certain Age”) is doing the comedy because it has to all come from a real place, (whereas) in a sitcom you can stretch it and get away with it a little bit. The difficult part is doing the comedy on the drama, believe it or not, because I feel the dramatic parts are just as real they can be.

Hamm: As depressing and sad and slow and boring (laughs) as our show can be, there are some really funny moments … that are usually given to (John) Slattery. (Laughs.) It’s important because that’s life.

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Typical boys! very funny! 🙂

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Eclipse TV Spot #1 Now In HD


Listen To True Blood Season 2 Soundtrack

Listen here

1. “Howlin’ For My Baby” – M. Ward
2. “Evil (Is Going On)” – Jace Everett & CC Adcock
3. “Bad Blood” – Beck
4. “How To Become Clairvoyant” – Robbie Robertson
5. “Shake And Fingerpop” – Jr. Walker and The All Stars
6. “Frenzy” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
7. “Kiss Like Your Kiss” – Lucinda Williams with Elvis Costello
8. “Gasoline And Matches” – Buddy & Julie Miller
9. “You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)” – Chuck Prophet
10. “You’re Gonna Miss Me” – The 13th Floor Elevators
11. “Fresh Blood” – Eels
12. “The Forgotten People (Bon Temps Remix)” – Thievery Corporation
13. “New World In My View” – King Britt & Sister Gertrude Morgan
14. “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” – Bob Dylan

Available at released May 25th and released May 24th.


Also congrats to Nathan Barr and Jace Everett who won a BMI Award this week for season 2 check out more here

Kristin Bauer Talks True Blood Season3

Kristin:“Every episode, every script that comes, becomes my favorite. Each one gets better and better. For me, better in the sense that I get to see another side of Pam. We’re really getting to know her this year. I can’t tell you what I’m shooting next week, but it is so awesome! It’s really kick-ass. And I promise you, the clothes will be as good as last year.” It seems like Pam is going to be a much bigger part of this new season; how did that come to be?

Kristin Bauer: Well, you know, I’ve wondered that and they never tell you. I would hear from the producers here and there, you know, “Pam is a fan favorite; the fans love Pam,” and I would go, “OK, good!”

I was a little nervous to kind of look online or see what people were saying about me and Pam. Then my husband and I were reading the books — he got kind of ahead and he said, “You know, Pam’s not really in it much until book four, and then she gets really big. So, this is Season 3 and I thought “OK, maybe next year,” and then they called and said “No, we wanna do it this year.” So it was really a mystery and also good, a huge Christmas gift.

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New Taylor Lautner Rolling Stone Outtake

Enjoy Taylor fans! we did/do love this photoshoot 🙂


True Blood Invitation To The Set Extended Video


Alexander Skarsgard ‘Metropia: A Dystopian Outlook’

Saleh (director) and the fearless producer Kristina Åberg from Atmo production company, which also stands behind the much talked about Videocrazy, managed to bring on an impressive list of actors.
“I wanted the best actors in the world, those who craft an authentic feel” says Saleh.
“So when they turned you down, you came to us?” Alexander Skarsgård laughs.
“Yeah after I asked De Niro – No, these guys here were on the top of the list. In animation you use voice talents, which is great. I love the Simpsons, but it’s not real, it’s stylized”, says Saleh who goes on to imitate Marge from the Simpsons.
Udo Kier was the first to jump on the project, and then came Skarsgård; his father Stellan Skarsgård has a small voice role.
“Tarik and I talked about the story many years ago. The dark bleak dystopian idea he had. It’s not so far from where we are right now”, smiles Skarsgård.

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Alexander Skarsgard Interview Metropia

You’ve been friendly with Tarik for a while. How were you introduced?

I met Tarik in Los Angeles five years ago through some mutual Swedish friends. We celebrated Christmas together here in L.A, and I got kind of an instant man crush on him. He’s such a brilliant and interesting man. He was out here for two weeks, I believe, and we just had amazing conversations and talked about everything and nothing. We spent hours and hours discussing his idea for “Metropia.”

Then I went to Africa to shoot “Generation Kill,” this miniseries I did, and it was when I was out in Africa when he called: “We’re recording now, is there any chance we can get you in the studio?” I was down there for seven months, but I had a weekend off, so I flew to Stockholm, went into the studio, spent a day and a half with Tarik, then flew all the way back down to Namibia.

I’m fascinated by this Christmas you mentioned, which I’m imagining to be like the opening scenes of “Fanny and Alexander.” Is there a big Swedish community in L.A.?

There are tons of Swedes out here. I don’t necessarily hang out with all of them. [laughs] I have a couple Swedish friends here, absolutely. When we met, it was this Christmas dinner for all the orphans out here. I have a big family back in Sweden, and that was the first year of my life that I hadn’t celebrated with them. There were 10 of us that were pretty much in the same boat, stuck out here and missing our families.

I also throw a midsummer party every year, and I had a Glögg party. I don’t know if you know, but mulled wine is called Glögg in Swedish, it’s a special recipe. We drink that right before Christmas every year, and you have people come over. I try to hang onto those traditions, but mix it up. So I invited a couple Swedish friends from out here, and obviously, all my international and American friends, too.

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