SFX ‘Vampire Special’ Magazine Out Tomorrow In The UK

Woohoo! SFX’s yearly Vampire issue is out tomorrow in the UK and this year we have a two magazines instead of the one, In one magazine you’ll find everything you could ever possibly want on True Blood:

• Interviews with big names from the show – including Stephen Moyer (Bill), showrunner Alan Ball, Nelsan Ellis (Layfaette), Sam Trammel (Sam), Joe Manganiello (Alcide) and Linday Pulsipher (Crystal)
• A complete episode guide to all three seasons
• The first half of issue one of the fantastic IDW True Blood comic
• The results of a reader poll to find the best ever episodes
• A look at True Blood merchadise
• A Bon Temps tourist brochure
• The show’s wildest ever moments
• The best cliffhangers
• A guide to swearing on the show

The other magazine encompasses the whole world of vampires, in TV shows, movies and more.
• Twilight
• The Vampire Diaries
• Being Human
• Stakeland
Universal’s Son Of Dracula
• ’80s classics Fright Night
• How Buffy The Vampire Slayer owes everything to The Lost Boys
• Vamp
• Plus, a look at the saucy vampire films of notorious Spanish film director Jess Franco
• There’s also the return of grumpy teenage cartoon character Jack the Vlad!

Go and buy tomorrow guys and if it’s anything like last years issue it should be awesome! 🙂

UPDATE: check out the True Blood Scans here!

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The Twilight Saga ‘Eclipse’ UK DVD Release Brings Wolves To London

Each year E1 Entertainment does something unique when the Twilight DVDs come out in the UK, this year they brought wolves to London.

For New Moon, they showed New Moon to wolves:

For Twilight, they had Edward look-alikes with Twilight contact lens walking around London:

LOVE IT!!!!!!


‘TV Guide Specials’ Sexy Beasts: Vamps, Wolves & Mutants (Twilight/True Blood)

TV Guide Network gets its fright on with a look at some of the sexiest, scariest creatures in TV and film! Feast your eyes on Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine, The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev, the late Aaliyah’s sexy vamp queen and more!

TV Guide Network finds the sexy in scary with a look at the hottest creatures in TV & film! Find out why viewers can’t get enough of True Blood’s sexiest werewolf, Milla Jovovich’s butt-kicking zombie killer, a vampire Angel and more!
TV Guide Network continues its look at the hottest beasts on TV by getting up close and personal with True Blood’s Stephen Moyer! Plus, find out why Battlestar Galactica’s #6 is a 10; and, check out Halle Berry, the sexy mutant Storm!
TV Guide Network concludes its look at the hottest creatures of the night with sexy shapeshifter Rebecca Romijn! Plus, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight: which one has the hottest bloodsucker? Find out here!

Exclusive Daniel Radcliffe FOX ‘The Simpsons’ Twilight Inspired Episode Video Interview

source courtesy of SnitchSeeker

Supernaturals Dean And Sam Mocking Twilight On Next Episode

Loving this, Dean and Sam taking the piss out of Twilight, Supernatural Season 6 is on The CW Network  Fridays 9/8c.


The Vampire Diaries S2 E03 ‘Bad Moon Rising’ Tonight On The CW

Check out more stills of tonight episode at source, cant wait to watch!! 🙂

The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 To Show In October In The UK (ITV2)

Source itv2official

Quote: “Promo video featuring all our great upcoming shows!”

P.S. People on Facebook are saying “The Sun TV mag confirmed it starts in October”. I personally have not bought the magazine and cannot confirm this. However, there seems to be a general consesus among fans of The Vampire Diaries – ITV2 that October is indeed the start of the show’s second season in the UK. Yay!

SpoilerTV also inform us that The Vampire Diaries will be available to download from the UK iTunes store every Friday following the US broadcast. Thanks, tvdfansonline!

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The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peak Video From Tonights Episode

Woohoo!!!! cant wait!!!!!! 🙂


New The Vampires Diaries Season 2 Promo videos And Soundtrack Cover

Above is also The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack Cover

source: vampirediariessource.wordpress.com

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 E02 New ‘Brave New World’ Stills

Check out all the stills for Season 2 E02 ‘Brave New World’ at source also check out the stills for Season 2 E01 ‘The Return’ here and Season 2 E03 here. Enjoy guys!

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